Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Growing up the youngest of four

We had a busy day yesterday. I taught preschool which really meant everyone wanted to play and have fun, so that is what we did after show-in-tell. McKay stayed longer and so Maralah got even more time to play dinosaurs and what not. After that we had a short break before going to get all the others from school. We stayed after school for lemonade and cookies and the kids showed me the flowers they planted in the volunteer garden. I think my kids had a lot of cookies at this event and why not they are always starving after school. We got home at about 4:30. They kids wanted to go up to the park in our townhouse community, so off they went to burn off all that sugar. They came home at 6 just as planned and Max and Maddi went out to ride thier scooters. Maralah wanted to play in the back yard but no one wanted to play her game. She looked at me and said mommy all I need is someone to be my play buddy. I said what do you want to play. She thought for a moment and said its okay I will make the guinea pig my baby. And so off she went to carry the pig around the yard and give him all the rules. She yells for me and says mommy he is eating the plants in the garden and I said who put him in the garden, She said oh that was me. After a while she sat down in the camp chair for a rest and of course she still had the pig. She was singing and talking to him. Then I look out the window and saw her with her head leaned all the way back. I thought is she a sleep. Oh, she is asleep! And that pig stayed in her lap, now a cat would have been long gone by now but not her faithful pig. I am sure he will be getting extra carrots in the future.


  1. How cute her faithful little pig!

  2. So cute :) She was really worn out..and that pig is better than any old friend...what friend stays put when you've fallen asleep?