Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Growing up the youngest of four

We had a busy day yesterday. I taught preschool which really meant everyone wanted to play and have fun, so that is what we did after show-in-tell. McKay stayed longer and so Maralah got even more time to play dinosaurs and what not. After that we had a short break before going to get all the others from school. We stayed after school for lemonade and cookies and the kids showed me the flowers they planted in the volunteer garden. I think my kids had a lot of cookies at this event and why not they are always starving after school. We got home at about 4:30. They kids wanted to go up to the park in our townhouse community, so off they went to burn off all that sugar. They came home at 6 just as planned and Max and Maddi went out to ride thier scooters. Maralah wanted to play in the back yard but no one wanted to play her game. She looked at me and said mommy all I need is someone to be my play buddy. I said what do you want to play. She thought for a moment and said its okay I will make the guinea pig my baby. And so off she went to carry the pig around the yard and give him all the rules. She yells for me and says mommy he is eating the plants in the garden and I said who put him in the garden, She said oh that was me. After a while she sat down in the camp chair for a rest and of course she still had the pig. She was singing and talking to him. Then I look out the window and saw her with her head leaned all the way back. I thought is she a sleep. Oh, she is asleep! And that pig stayed in her lap, now a cat would have been long gone by now but not her faithful pig. I am sure he will be getting extra carrots in the future.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break.....

At first spring break started slowly then it seemed to fast forward and then it was over. Somethings I learned.... It is very frustrating to try to keep a house clean with all four kids home from school. I don't think the floor was ever clean or clear for walking. So instead of being home and seeing all the mess it is better to leave and have fun. I hope I can remember this when summer comes. First day of spring break we had the missionaries over for dinner and FHE. I discovered it is hard to fit 7 adults and four kids in our tiny dinning room. I pulled out the card table for the kids to eat and Mike and I and grandma and Mark and the three missionaries ate at the table. It worked as long as we sat down in sequence and then did the reverse for getting out. It was a success. Mark and Grandma did not stay for FHE but the rest of us had a lot of fun. Tuesday Mike left for an interview at UAB and so we were on the road to take him to the airport. The kids were very sad. Me too. Wednesday we stayed home and attempted to get some things done like laundry. Thursday we found Gunners Lake and hiked around the lake twice. The trail is a mile long. The kids saw fish and rocks and shells and birds and had a blast. Then we headed home for lunch and some rest. We picked up Mike at the airport at 11pm and we were so glad to see him. Friday we had an easter playgroup party. The older kids loved helping the younger kids and they all got to do crafts and eats lots of yummy food. Then we came home and they helped me fill our plastic eggs with goodies for our own egg hunt which they were hoping would be that night but Daddy. It was a great success. Saturday morning I went hiking with a friend and came home to kids and Dad doing colored eggs. We enjoyed conference and then went the HOA's egg hunt. They all had a great time and Maralah won a door prize she was the best sharer and gave away 4 of her prizes so that everyone that was with took home something. Then we went home to watch the afternoon session of conference and had an egg hunt. Sunday we had cinnamon rolls and more wonderful conference sessions to watch. Monday I took the kids down to DC and we had a blast going to the monuments and climbing cherry trees. Tuesday they were still out of school but I needed to stay home and do laundry so they could have clean clothes to wear to school on Wednesday. As it goes as soon as spring break was over we just wanted more.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maralah's Birthday, July 31st

Okay, so I need to back track a bit. We had computer problems and I was unable to locate the pictures. With that note now to the side lets talk about Maralah. She is a beautiful 3. She is such fun to be with and she is accepting being left at home while all sisters and brother go off to school as a great adventure. She is now potty trained. I love her independence. She likes to stay up late so she can have special time with daddy. He loves it too. She had a great birthday. She invited over four friends to eat cake. We need the cake eaten because Madison's birthday is the next day and I need to make another cake. This is a picture of the cake. She wanted a princess cake. I think all the girls have asked for a princess cake on the 3rd birthday. That is funny. The things Maralah can do: She gets herself dressed, she goes to the potty, she washes her hands (this one she likes to do lots so I have told her that if she lets the water run to long the the fish will run out of water to swim in, just so she keeps it short and sweet), she puts her shoes on and she is a good helper. She is a cutie.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I have survived the first week of school. The first two days Madison was having a terrible experience exiting the school. All walkers (that includes my kids because we live 1 mile from the school and you need to live 1.3 miles to take the bus) (and this does not include kindergartners they are picked up at the kindergarten doors) exit the front of the school. They are excused before the kids who ride buses. Not a big deal except that Madison expected Mindy to come by her room on the way out of the school to kind of pick her up. Mindy is on the second floor this year and was not allowed to go down the back stairway. Instead she needed to walk all around the top floor until she hit the stairway at the front of the school. Not a big deal except Madison's classroom is in the back of the school. Now that Mindy is almost to the front doors she does not think about Madison. She just wants to get out. Madison finally comes out of the school but is so distraught that she can hardly control herself. She is so mad a Mindy for not coming by and I think a bit anxious that she may have been forgotten. All I get when she gets out the doors is crying, screaming and kicking her feet. I think if I was not there she may have attacked Mindy. Mindy still did not manage to get to Madison's classroom on Tuesday and I had the same seriously upset kid. So Wednesday when I walked them to school I stayed after to talk to the Dr. Pastor. We worked out a way that Mindy could back track to Madison's classroom. Dr. Pastor called the girls out of class and I talked them about the plan. Wednesday afternoon was smooth. Well until I asked Mindy if everything was okay. She said she had lost her lunch box because the boys in charge of the basket that week did not hear her when she called to them to get her lunch box. She said they were deaf. So, after lunch everyone lines up to go out for recess and the two kids assigned from each class to take care of the lunch baskets gather the lunch boxes and carry them back to the room and then meet the rest of the class outside. Mindy was upset she felt they were just being mean to her so the lunch lady said don't worry I will get it back to your room. Mindy did not think anything else of it and at the end of the day when she is back in her homeroom she looks in the basket and her lunchbox is not there. Madison takes her by the hand and says come on lets go get it. They go back into the school and search but they can not find it. Dr. Pastor reassures them that it will show up tomorrow in someones room and they will get it back to her. Sure enough she gets it back on Thursday, all is well. Mean while my little guy is having a blast in kindergarten. Although Friday was the only day he did not bring is lunch back home to eat. I don't know how is was surviving without eating lunch but everyday I would open up his lunch box and everything would still be there. He is amazing. Friday was the only day I packed a cheese sandwich instead of a peanut butter sandwich it could have all been a show of stubbornness because peanut butter sandwiches are not his favorite. Max loves that he does not have homework and the girls do have homework but that will all change at the beginning of October. We will let him enjoy it while he can. I hope we have left the drama of this week behind us and we can enjoy the rest of the year. Really I don't think that is possible with my girls but I can dream.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It is a beginning

Reasons to start blogging: I have been blessed with a great family and I need to share all the crazy things that happen in our lives before I forget them all. Believe me I am sure I have already forgotten lots.
I am grateful to have a wonderful husband who loves me so much that he helps me to release stress by letting me go out with the girls and just talk. Let's face it he is a willing listener but he can only stay awake a half second once he hits the pillow. Sometimes the snoring does not bother me when I am talking and other times I really need to have a response. I love that he is willing to try.
We have four beautiful children who fill our boring life with more joy and laughter each and everyday.
I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who has given me so much. I often miss having my Mom to share in all of my life and I know Heavenly Father blesses me with friends who can give me that earthly supportive hug that I need. I am grateful for all my friends who have touched my life.
I hope all will enjoy this work in progress.